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Tottori Prefecture

Frolic Sea Adventure Park

Frolic Sea Adventure Park is one of the largest water amusement park in Japan. 
It's located at Uradome Beach( 25 minutes drive from Tottori City)
This is your must-do during summer season and  a family fun attraction in Tottori Prefecture.

Mizuki Shigeru Road

Shigeru Mizuki, the manga artist of Gegege-no-Kitaro, was born and raised in Sakaiminato city, Tottori Prefecture.
Mizuki Shigeru road which named after him is streching out 800 meters long from Sakaiminatio station.

Koi-Yamagata Station

Koi-Yamagata Station is a railway station on the Chizu Express Line in Chizu-cho Yazu district, Tottori open in 1994.
This station is one of only four stations with Koi(Love) in its name in Japan.
This unmanned station got renovated and transformed into the new appearance in bright pink as you  see.

Mount Daisen

Mt Daisen is the highest mountain in Chugoku region. It is 1,711 meters high.
Mt Daisen is also designated as Daisen-Oki National park(3rd oldest National Park in Japan).
This mountain is known as the largest beech forest in the western Japan.

Shimane Prefecture

Abe Eishiro Memorial Museum

Let's try washi(Japanese paper) making!

Abe Eishiro Memorial Museum was founded in 1983 and is located in Matsue.
Eishiro Abe was designated as Preserver of an important intangible cultural property and better known as living national treasure .

Yushien Garden

Yushien Garden is located on Daikonjima Islands in the middle of Lake Nakaumi.
It was established as a private garden in the first place and then opened to the public .
It features about 250 types of peonies.

Kabeya Shuseikan

Kabeya Shuseikan is a historical museum witha a collection of Sakurai family.
Sakurai family was a tesshi(manager of Tatara iron-making process) family and their house is one of the two houses in Okuizumo.

Shussaigama Pottery

Shussaigama Pottery is located in Izumo city, 10 minutes drive away from Izumo-shi station.
Shussai gama(klin) was founded in 1947 by 5 young men influenced by Mingei Folk-Art Movement.
These members were deeply inspired by Yanagi Sotetsu(the leader of Mingei Folk-Art Movement) and Bernard Leach(a famous English potter).

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