• Lake Shinji in Shimane Prefecture is famous for shijimi clams. It's one of 7 delicacies of Lake Shinji.
    The other 6 delicacies are eel,shrimp,whitebait, bass,smelt, and carp.
    The shijimi clams here are black and bigger than other ordinary clams in size.
    Shijimi clams play a significant role for the lake in order to keep the water clean.
    They also work for human body like preventing from hangover.
    Although there are several type of way of eating for shijimi clams, the most popular way is with miso soup.
    What's special and interesting here is that they turn into burger!
    That's the food you should definitely try at Lake Shinji. ...

  • Izumo soba is made from fresh buckwheat flour.
    What they differentiate from other reqular soba is eating stlye. The way of eating of Izumo soba is called Warigo soba.
    Regular soba  are served with hot soup or bamboo mat which noodles are placed on in case of cold noodles.
    In warigo style, noodles are served with round shaped bento box-like plates.
    Those boxes are stackable and commonly provided three-tier boxes and people eat them with pouring sauce over the entire noodles.  ...

  • Tottori 20th century pears is what Tottori prefecture is famous for in terms of food.
    They are almost transparent and incredibly sweet. Tottori 20th century pears is cultivated with special care.They are wrapped in waxed paper bags to protect them from bugs.
    Shinkansen is one of the newest brand of Tottori 20th century pears, which sounds same as bullet trains (shinkansen) but use different Kanji.
    They are in season and sold in stores from August. You should definitely try pear picking in Tottori. ...

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