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Price: USD$1,215

Tour Highlights

  • Hands-on cultural experiences (So much fun!)
  • Tamatsukuri Hot springs
  • Shinjiko Hot springs
  • Washi(Japanese paper)making experience
  • Zen meditation experience
  • Japanese calligraphy experience
  • Craftmen's workshop visit(Iron-making&Pottery)

Tour condition

Minimum 10 people, Maximum 20 people
Stay in Izumo one night before the tour starts or fly to Izumo  on an early flight.
Stay in Izumo area or fly from Izumo in the evening on the last day.

---Hands-on experiences---


Zen  meditation

Akaura visit and praying

Japanese Calligraphy



Pick up at Izumo airport or your accommodation in Izumo city and have lunch,then proceed to Abe Eishiro Memorial Museum.
This museum displays Washi(Japanese made papers) and relevant items.
Then visit washi maker's workshop.
Let's try washi-making on your own!!
Stay in Tamatsukuri onsen(hot spring), one of the most popular hot springs in Shimane.


Meet up with the guide at the hotel and proceed to Ichibata Yakushi.
Ichibata Yakushi enshrines Yakushi Nyorai and has a benefit for eye problems.
Let's try Shojin-ryori lunch
Zen meditation, Akaura visit and pray, Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremony.
(Akaura is the place where Yakushi Nyorai first landed).
Stay in Matsue Shinjiko onsen


Visit Unnan Yoshida town.
Strolling around the Dozo town(Japanese traditional warehouse), and visit Iron historical museum.
Please enjoy local speciality for lunch.
Sugaya-Tatara(Iron-making) and Kabeya Shuseikan(beautiful garden and tea ceremony).
Stay in Izumo.


Departure at the hotel and visit Shussai gama klin.
You can learn about Japanese ceramic pottery and take a look at craftmens workplace here.
End of tour at Izumo airport or an accommodation in Izumo



What's included
・English speaking tour guide ・Transportation ・3 nights accommodation(ryokan) ・Entrance fee ・Experiences ・All meals

Group News

Discover Shimane!-1


Explorer Shimane Prefecture and enjoy hands-on experiences.
You can see the authentic Japan in this tour.
Hands-on experiences make your trip more enjoyable and unforgettable.

News Recommended

Cycling tour at Mt Daisen


The cycle tour goes from the top of Mount Daisen to the bottom, through the rice fields to Kaike and then along the coast to Sakaiminato using bike paths for most of the way.
We then head through Sakaiminato to Eshima Bridge.
At the bridge we load the bikes up and go for lunch.
Cycling ends at Sakaiminato station and stroll around Mizuki Shigeru road at own leisure that is famous for Gegege no Kitaro.


Yonago Gaina Festival


One of the biggest summer festivals in Tottori!
Mantou(Banboo pole with paper lanterns) parade is the highlight as well as firework display.


Frolic Sea Adventure Park


Frolic Sea Adventure Park is one of the largest water amusement park in Japan. 
It's located at Uradome Beach( 25 minutes drive from Tottori City)
This is your must-do during summer season and  a family fun attraction in Tottori Prefecture.

News Recommended

Nostalgic Yonago guided tour


Let's stroll around ancient castle town Yonago ! You can't help feeling nostalgia. 
This guided tour include pleasure boat ride at Nakaumi and rental bike.
The view from Yonago castle ruin is absolutely stunning.


Matsue Suigo-sai Festival


One of the biggest firework festival in western Japan!
Admire the breathtaking firework display.

News Shimane Tottori

Cycle Rural Japan


Join Japan expert and cycling guide and for a special tour through the San-in region of Japan; a region of stunning beauty, rich in history and folklore, and of spiritual importance to the Japanese.


Tottori Shan-Shan Matsuri(Umbrella festival) AUG13-15,2018


Tottori Shan-Shan Matsuri is the biggest festival in Tottori Prefecture.
It is annually held during bon holidays(mid August).
The dancers are holding ornamented umbrellas with tiny bells and perform dance in the parade.

News Shimane

Explorer Oki Islands


Best package for Oki islands.
Let's explorer beautiful Oki islands and admire breathtaking landscape in a perfect tranquility

News Recommended

Strolling around the town in Samurai's armor


Let's wear Samurai armor and travel in time in the castle town.
Walk around the castle town Matue in Samurai costume.
You will definitely feel like you are real samurai!.
This is very unique options that you hardly seen elsewhere in Japan.

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