Hot springs in Tottori



KAIKE ONSEN is located in the middle of San'in and it's the largest hot spring in San'in region.
You can enjoy the beach as well as Onsen hot springs just a few steps away from the hotel where you stay.
It's also known as a birthplace of Japanese Triathlon.
The water is effective for neuralgia,rheumatism and chronic skin disease.


MISASA ONSEN is located in Tohaku district. Misasa town is famous for Sanbutsuji temple.
Misasa Onsen has 850 years of history and it provides the largest amount of radiums in the world.
The water is effective for both physical and mental relaxation.
MISASA literally means three mornings.


IWAI ONSEN is boasting 1,200 years of history and one of the oldest hotsprings in San'in region.
This hot spring will be your headquarter if you are planning on going to Tottori Sand Dune.
Iwaiya is one of the best ryokan in this area, which is three storey buidling and made out of traditional wood.
Its onsen water is rated as one of the best in Japan 

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