Kabeya Shuseikan

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1655 Kamiai,Okuizumo ,Nita-gun, Shimane
09:30-16:30(Closed Mondays,Winter time)
700 yen

Kabeya Shuseikan

Kabeya Shuseikan is a historical museum witha a collection of Sakurai family.
Sakurai family was a tesshi(manager of Tatara iron-making process) family and their house is one of the two houses in Okuizumo.
Although their original family name was Sakurai, they were known as Kabeya which came from the name of the place that they had moved to.
This museum displays not only Tatara iron-making items but also arts and crafts, furniture and documents.

It is  surrounded by beautiful nature, which changes from season to season.
The adjacent Sakurai mansion was designated as important cultural property.
The 6th generation of Matsue clan, Matsudaira Humai named the garden "Ganro".
You can enjoy stunning view of colored leaves in autumn.



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