Yonago Gaina Festival


One of the biggest summer festivals in Tottori!
Mantou(Banboo pole with paper lanterns) parade is the highlight as well as firework display.

Date: July28-29,2018

Yonago Gaina festival takes place for 2 days in Yonago city, Tottori.

The name "Gaina" means"Big" or "Great" in the local dialect.
This event is usually held late July or early August on Saturday and Sunday.
The venue is right in front of Yonago station so you can easily access from another city even if you don't stay in Yonago city.

There is a dance parade of modern dance group which is must-see in this festival .
The best highlight of the event is Mantou parade.
Mantou is a bamboo pole with hanging paper lanterns  and its height is about 20-30 feet.
One person balaces the whole thing(Amazing!).

You can also enjoy fireworks in this event.

How to get there

1 hour and 30 minites train ride from Tottori city
30 minutes train ride from Matsue city, Shimane



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