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Nostalgic Yonago guided tour


Price: CAD$53

Let's stroll around ancient castle town Yonago ! You can't help feeling nostalgia. 
This guided tour include pleasure boat ride at Nakaumi and rental bike.
The view from Yonago castle ruin is absolutely stunning.
You can also enjoy the Japanese cultural experience( refer to optional activities below). 

Tour duration: 2 hours+option
What's included: English speaking guide, Pleasure boat, rental cycle, one optional activity( choose from the list below)
Dressing up in Japanese Kimono is also available, please inquire about the detail.

Prefecture Tottori
Locations Yonago
Highlights Guided tour & variety of optional activities

Optional activities

You can choose any of options listed below

1 Matcha tea ceremony

2 Dyeing textile

3 Weaving Kyuhin Kasuri

4 Japanese confectionery making

5 Zen meditation

6  Tasting Japanese sake

7  Ceramic art making

8  Rakugo lesson

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