Miho Shrine


608 Mihonosekicho, Mihonoseki, Matsue, Shimane
Free of charge

Miho Shrine

Miho Shrine is located in the small fishing village of Mihonoseki. The main deity enshrined here is Kotoshiro-nushi(known as Ebisu), the son of Okuninushi who is the main deity of Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine.
Ebisu who is one of the seven Lucky Gods is the god for fishermen and is also the god of good fortune

Miho Shrine is the head shrine of the thousands of dedicated to Ebisu in Japan.

The treasure house in this shrine holds uniquie collection of 900 musical instruments .
On the 7th of every month, the treasure house opens and a selection are displayed to public.

All visitors  can enjoy the maiden(Miko)'s dance every morning.

How to get there

Last stop of 40 minute bus ride from Matsue Station or 15 minute bus ride from Sakaiminato, Tottori


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