Vehicle charter+English Speaking Guide


Price: CAD$560

Tour time: 10hours
Vehicle charter+English speaking guide
Price is available up to 4 people. Extra charge incurs for additional person (Max 7 people)

Prefecture Tottori,Shimane
Locations Tottori, Kurayoshi, Yongago,Matsue, Izumo, etc
Best Season All year around

In terms of public transportation, San'in region is one of the regions in Japan you may have a hardest time exploring  .
Vehicle charter with professional English speaking guide will be the best option for you.
For those who doesn't have valid driver's license in Japan, there is no need to be worried about finding the transportation and a language barrier.
You can use your time wisely and effectively by arranging a chartered vehicle.
Our guide is the expert of San'in region so you will be able to get the best advice about where to go and what to do according to your preference.


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