Oki Islands

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  Size(㎢)  Population
 Dogo(Okinoshima town)  241.58  15,000
 Nakanoshima(Ama town)  32.21  2,400
 Nishinoshima(Nishinoshima town)  55.97  3,400
 Chiburijima(Chibu village)  13.7  650


Oki Islands is an archipelago in the Sea of Japan located 40-80km north of the Coast of Shimane Prefecture.
It is a group of four inhabited islands and 180 uninhabited islands.
Oki Islands are included in Daisen-Oki National Park and were designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2014.
These islands used to be volcanic in origin dating back to 5 million years.
As this archipelago has such a long history, the oldest rock s in Japan was found in Oki Islands.
Dogo is the largest island in area whereas the rest 3 islands(Nishinoshima,Nakanoshima,Chiburijima) are called Dozen.
Dogo has the highest peak,Mt Daimanji 608 metre high.
The climate and isolation from  the mainland Japan fostered a unique combination of warm-temperature and cool-temperature species.

During Heian period, these islands are used for a place to exile people form the mainland.
Emperor Gotoba was sent to Nakanoshima in 1198 and emperor Godaigo was exiled to Nishinoshima in 1331.

There are many outdoor activities available such as sea kayaking,scuba diving,snorkeling,fishing,biking and eco tours.
What makes these islands special is perfect tranquility and super fresh seafood!

Although there are local buses available in Oki Islands except for Chiburijima, they are not frequent enough to use for visitors.
Rental bike is available at Tourist Information centre.
If you have a valid drivers license, car rental is the best option or else you may have to take taxi to get around.


Access to Oki Islands

There are two options to reach Oki islands from the mainland.
If you want to go by air, JAL operates flights from Itami Airport(Osaka) and Izumo Airport(Shimane).
The flight from Itami takes 50 minutes while the one from Izumo takes 30 minutes.

Car ferry or high-speed ferry is available from Sakaiminato port(Tottori) and Shichirui port (Shimane)
Car ferry from Sakaiminato takes 2hours and 40 minutes to Beppu port on Nishinoshima and 4 hours and 5 minutes to Dogo port.
High speed ferry from Sakaiminato to Dogo port takes 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Car ferry from Shichirui port to Dogo port takes 2 hours and 25minutes.
High-speed ferry takes 1hour and 9 minutes.

There are buses to Sakamiminato and Shichirui from Matsue station and Yonago station.


Candle Rock

Kuniga coast

Oki shrine

Red Cliff


Bull sumo


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