Koi-Yamagata Station

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Ouchi-Jinai,Chizu-cho,Yazu-district, Tottori
0858-75-6600(Chizu Express Co.Ltd)

Koi-Yamagata Station

Koi-Yamagata Station is a railway station on the Chizu Express Line in Chizu-cho Yazu district, Tottori open in 1994.
This station is one of only four stations with Koi(Love) in its name in Japan.
This unmanned station got renovated and transformed into the new appearance in bright pink as you  see.
There were only two or three passengers a day at this station,  the local residents decided to remodel the station into a cute date spot.
Since very few people use this station, this is the perfect place for lovers or couples to spend their time.
Not only the vivid pink building, but also there is a heart-shaped sign on the platform.
You can also put heart-shaped ema(Wooden plaque) onto the monument on which you write your wishes.  


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