Izumo Oyashiro (Izumo Taisha)

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195 Taisha-cho,Kizukihigashi,Izumo city, Shimane
Always open (08:30-16:30 Treasure Hall)
Free(300 yen Treasure Hall)


Izumo Oyashiro

Izumo Oyashiro(Izumo Taisha) is located in Izumo city, 1 hour drive away from Matsue-city in Shimane Prefecture.
This shrine is considered as one of the oldest shrine in Japan.
According to the nation chronicles, it is said that Izumo Taisha was built in the early 700s.
The deity(god) enshrined here is Okuninushi no Okami.
The myth said that Okuninushi no Okami is the person who created the land of Japan.
Since he is also known as a god of good relationship, lots of couples visit here to wish  their eternal love.
The way of praying at Izumo Taisha is different from the other usual shrines. Here you bow twice, clap four times and end with a final bow.
In Izumo city, November is called "Kamiari zuki(month with gods)" while the other parts of Japan, we call it " Kanna zuki(month with no god).
This is because  the myth said gods get together at Izumo Taisha from all over Japan for a meeting in November.
The characteristic of this shrine is the huge shimenawa( straw rope).
The height of Main hall (Worship hall) is 24 meters tall which was said to be even taller in the legend.
Every 60 years, renovation and reconstruction carried out, the last one was began in 2008 and completed in 2013.


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