Eshima Bridge

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Eshima Bridge

Eshima Bridge is Japan's number one pre-stressed concrete rigid frame bridge.
It streches about a mile long with a height of about 144 feet and has gradient of 5.1%(Tottori side) and 6.1%(Shimane side) on each end.
This bridge is located at the border of Tottori prefecture and Shinmane prefecture and connect Matsue city and Sakaiminato city crossing over Nakaumi Lagoon.
This is the largest concrete girder bridge in Japan and third largest in the world.
The reason why this bridge is so high and steep is to let ships pass underneath with ease.
It became very famous after being featured in television commercial.
It has been nicknamed "betabumi-zaka" which literally means full throttle slope and also known as roller coaster bridge among foreign visitors.



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