Daisen Summer Opening Festival

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夏山開き祭 山頂祭神事1_R
夏山開き祭 山頂祭神事2_R
大山夏山開き祭 松明行列(広田達也)_R
大山夏山開き祭 松明行列(佐伯範夫)_R

It's 1300th years anniversary for Daisen-ji temple this year!
Mt Daisen summer opening festival takes place for 2 days in the first weekend of June. It's 2nd & 3rd of June this year.
2000 people join "Taimatsu Gyoretsu"(Torch parade) at the approach of Ogaymiyama shirine at first night.
This is the best highlight of this festival. You may be able to join this parade but it's first come first served basis.
The early morning of next day, a ceremony is held at the summit of Mt Daisen.
It is supposed to be starting from 5:30 but subject to change.

Mt Daisen was the place for training for shugendo monks. According to ancient record, it is the beginning of Ogamiyama shrine.
Ogamiyama shirine and Daisen-ji temple had flourished from 7th to 14 th century.
About 100 temples and 3000 armed priests were under the control of Daisen-ji temple. It was as big as Mt Hiei,Mt Koya and Mt Yoshino.

Daisen-ji temple is located at the middle of Mt Daisen.
This temple was collapsed by fire in 1928 and reconstructed in 1951.

Ogamiyama shrine boasts three features, the longest stone-flagged approach(700m), the largest gongen-zukuri designated as important cultural properties and the largest lacquered sandalwood.  This shrine also has the biggest mikoshi(portable shrine) in western Japan.


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