6 Major Sakura(cherry blossoms) viewing places in Tottori


If you are travelling to Japan in the spring, we would definitely recommend "Hanami(Cherry blossom viewing)" in the same way Japanese usually experience.
Needless to say, there are so many places where you can see and enjoy "Sakura" in San'in region.
Here we introduce some popular cherry blossom viewing spots in Tottori prefecture.
The best time of viewing is said to be from late March until middle April in San'in region.
Sakura festival is held at some places,which you can enjoy lots of food stalls and fun events.
Night viewing is also available and highly recommended at most of these spots. It's absolutely fantastic!
We would suggest you to arrive  much earlier than other touristic spots.
Generally speaking, cherry blossom viewing places are incredibly packed and the parking lots becomes fully occupied very fast.   
If you want to know more about our Hanami custom, please check out our facebook  below(on the bottom of this page).

Oiwa Station


Fukurogawa river bank


Shikanojoseki (castle ruins) park


Sakura festival: 21st March-13th April

Minatoyama park


Sakura festival: 30th March-8th April

Sakai Daiba park


Sakura festival: 30th March-12th April

⑥Hosshoji river bank


Sakura festival: 7th&8th April


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